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Amazing Finland: do you know those facts?

Santa Village Finland

Real Santa Claus lives in Finnish Lapland, near Rovaniemi

Finland is the homeland of Santa Claus. Do you remember your childhood feelings waiting for Christmas magic, making wishes? You do not need to wait for Santa and winter holidays, you can easily visit him and his amazing village! Your children will be delighted by this adventure.

Santa Claus residence in Finland is open all year round. The old world-famous wizard is waiting for you.

Santa village rovaniemi

Korvatunturi Hill is the place where huge residence of the Finnish Santa is located, right on the edge of the Arctic Circle near Rovaniemi. Lapland is truly a magical place where the sun does not hide behind the horizon in the summer and does not rise above the horizon in the winter.

Santa village is one of the most exciting and desirable places for children from all over the planet. Santa has a lot of work all year round, and you can see how he feeding his magician reindeer, reading letters from children around the world and responding to them, putting gifts in big bags and getting ready for winter travel.

Santa village Lapland

Santa Village is open every day from 10 to 17.00pm. During the Christmas and New Year holidays opening hours may be extended to 19.00. During summer village open until 18.00.

Entrance to the Santa village is free! Only services there have fee.

Santa Claus speaks many languages. He may speak your language too a little.

Santa village in Rovaniemi attracts more than 500,000 visitors a year.

About 600,000 letters come here from around the world each year.

Santa village address: Joulumaantie 1, 96930 Rovaniemi. There is a bus number 8 from the center of Rovaniemi to Santa Claus Village. It goes from the train / railway station.

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Moomins in Finland

Moomin World Theme Park Finland is listed in the top 10 children's theme parks of the world in 2005.

Unusual characters from Moomins fairy tales appeared in 1940 and immediately became popular among readers of all ages both adults and children. Very soon Moomins characters spread everywhere: in children's books, comics and cartoons, they turned into soft toys, and even began to appear in children tableware. Nowadays books about the Moomins are a worldwide best sellers and do not lose its relevance.

Moomins today are not only the heroes from fairy tales and cartoons. In Finland Moomins have their hotel rooms, such as Naantali Spa Moomin Story and theme park The Moomin World in Naantali. They have his own museum in Tampere, a lot of galleries and exhibitions across the country.


Moomin World Theme Park is located near the city of Turku, in a small old town of Naantali, western part of of Finland. It is the second most popular place in Finland for families with children, after the Santa Claus village in Rovaniemi. Here many of the places referred to Tove Jansson fairy tales are recreated, as well as all Moomins characters live here. This theme park is special, it has its own laws, there are no amusement rides and carousels. But there is an adventure island, Moomins family blue tower with attics and cellars where children can climb, Moominpappa frigate ship, caves, houses and towers, swings and ladders, theatre, as well as the world's largest Moomins gifts and sweets store.

Moomins Theme Park address: Tuulensuunkatu 14, Naantali

Open: From 6 June – 9 Aufust 2015: 10.00 - 18.00. From 10 August - 23 August 2015: 12 - 18.00. Moomins are sleeping in winter and park is closed. Only 1 week during school winter vacation Moomins awake - from 14 to 22 February 2015 from 10 to 16.00pm. Please always check opening time at official web-page: http://www.muumimaailma.fi/en/info

cottages for rent

Moomins decorated cottage for rent in Juva, Finland

Naantali hotel Hotels at Naantali

If you and your child believes in magic, fairy tales and you like the world of fantasies, do not miss the opportunity to spend a few days in Finland in the world Moomin heroes.

Moomins holidays in Finland


Angry Birds

ANGRY BIRDS - one the most recognized brands in the world!

Angry Birds game, developed by Finnish company, has become one of the most popular and downloadable applications for mobile devices in the world. This game has been already downloaded more than one billion users worldwide, children and adults play in it with pleasure. Game episode ON FINN ICE takes place in Finland, transfers players to the Finnish nature, customs and cultural characteristics of the country with the spirit of Angry Birds.

Angry birds activity parks

Angry Birds amusement parks in Finland

The worlds first Angry Birds adventure park appeared in the amusement park Särkänniemi in Tampere, Finland. Today there are several Angry Birds adventure parks in Finland - the big one like Angry Birds Land in Tampere, indoor adventure parks in Vuokatti, in Kuusamo near Ruka ski resort, in Saariselkä, between Imatra and Lappeenranta, as well as many public free open Angry Birds playgrounds in Pori, Espoo, Rovaniemi and other cities in Finland.

Angry Birds theme parks offer dynamic experience of active play, fun learning, combine the possibility of basic science study for children, technology and simple mathematics. Go up, climb, slide, jump, travel through the world of Angry Birds adventure parks.

Angry Birds adventure park in Tampere: Laiturikatu 1, 33230 Tampere

Vuokatti address: Lastaajantie 3, 88610 Sotkamo

Kuusamo-Ruka address: Kylpyläntie 5, 93600 Kuusamo

Saariselka address: Saariseläntie 7, 99830 Saariselkä

Imatra-Lappeenranta address: Rauhanrinne 1 / Tiuruniementie 131, 55320 Rauha

Free open playgrounds: Pori- Yyteri; Pori- Central Market Place; Kauhajoki- Central Market Place; Pori- Kirjurinluoto; Espoo- Suurpelto; Rovaniemi- Konttisen; Espoo- Oittaa.

Angry Birds Finland

Light reflectors from Finland
Did you know that light reflectors were invented in Finland?

Light reflectors first appeared in 1955, when a Finnish farmer Arvi Lehti bought a machine for plastic injection molding and began to produce various products, including reflectors for animal-drawn carts to make it visible in the dark. According to an old Finnish proverb, light reflector is a low-cost life insurance. It is convenient, simple, and sometimes fun.

In the dark a small light reflector is becoming an important companion of every pedestrian, cyclist, and even pets. Going outside in the dark, it is important to remember that a pedestrian without a reflector is visible only for 50 m (only one or two seconds of car drive!), but with reflectors - about 150 meters. A huge difference! Own life insurance price with the help of the reflector only from one euro!

Light reflectors for pedestrians in Finland and in Northern Europe are very popular. They are produced in different shapes and sizes, sometimes whimsical and fun, they can be worn as a removable bracelet attached to jackets, backpacks, or pushchairs with a pin. A lot of sport clothes produced in Finland are already made with stitched reflectors that are visible only in the dark. In Finland the law requires pedestrians to use reflectors.


Lapland reindeer guards road safety

In Finnish Lapland reindeer walk freely and often come to the roads, causing very dangerous situations, especially in winter and at night. In 2014, the Union of Lapland reindeer associations decided to put reflective paint on the horns of deer (while in test mode) in order to make it easier to see the animals in the dark and prevent emergencies. Horn begin to glow only at nightfall, when a powerful light source is directed to it, such as a flashlight or car headlights. During daytime paint on the horns is almost unnoticeable.

Reindeer Finland
Tvoy Rovaniemi

Midnight sun Finland

Fans of the sun 24 hours a day - Midnight Sun in Finland

Many tourists visiting Finland in winter wonder how people can survive here during the endless winter night. The answer is very simple: nature pleases locals with Midnight sun during summer as a compensation, when the days are filled with sunlight 24 hours a day. Summer in Finland is quite short (just a few months), but an amazing time, when you can just enjoy life and all kind of outdoor activities, the spectacular night views and spending only a few hours to sleep.

Real Midnight sun travelling across the sky over the horizon all day you can see only above the Arctic Circle, but the white nights can be seen over the whole Finland. The sun disappears below the horizon for a few hours, not allowing complete darkness to come, and in a moment invites people to wake up again and enjoy the summer days.

Midnight sun Finland

Midnight sun holidays ideas

It makes no sense to go to sleep at night in Finland if it is as bright as day outside. Nature itself gives a huge amount of extra time to do everything that you had not enough time to.

Most Finns spent Midnight sun summer days in holidays cottages. Silence and peace, soothing beauty of nature, the flow of the midnight sun are the best medicine against stress among people from large cities. Swimming in the lake at night after a sauna is a real pleasure. In late June, the water in the lakes and the sea is warm enough for a comfortable bathing. Midnight fishing is also excellent activity.

During the Midnight sun and the Polar day in Finland there are a lot of night festivals, concerts, performances, sports competitions. This time is ideal for hiking, biking, bird watching, and just parties and picnics.

Midnight sun Finland

Northern lights Finland

Finland is one of the few countries in the world where you can see the Northern Lights

For many people living in Finnish Lapland Northern lights (Aurora Borealis) is nothing special, just a usual natural phenomenon, often appearing on a cloudless sky at night. The amazing beauty of Northern lights attracts tourists to Lapland from all over Europe, from Japan and China and it is often the main reason for the trip to Finland.

Entire travel industry is developed around Northern Lights, many companies organize special tours helping tourists to see the Northern Lights. For example, the Yllas ski center in Finland is considered to be a center of the Northern lights. Street illumination is switched off here in case Northern lights appears in the sky so that tourists can better observe and enjoy magic glow.

On the top of Levi Ski Resort there are comfortable glass igloos with a transparent roof, where the northern lights can be seen perfectly. You can stay for a night at igloo, and if you are lucky, you will get unforgettable experience and your personal unique photos with Northern lights.

Near the Pyha ski resort in Sodankylä is located one Observatory, which studies and monitors the Northern Lights. On the website of the observatory you can follow the Northern Lights forecast, as well as real time web-cameras broadcast showing the situation in the sky.

Northern lights Finland