Ski resorts in Finland: Lapland

Are you looking for a new ski resorts and hills for skiing and snowboarding? Do you guaranteed sparkling white snow, exciting views, diversity of slopes, speed and impressions? Make your choice in favour of ski resorts of northern Finland, Lapland. Finnish Lapland fells offer varying terrain for skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels, as well as winter holidays perfect infrastructure.

There are about 75 ski resorts in Finland. Majority of the ski resort are located on a small hills next to the cities and villages. Usually standard ski resort in central Finland has a few slopes and 1-3 lifts, length of slopes is up to 1 km. But the highest and biggest ski resorts in Finland are located on the hills of Lapland, an ideal destination for a winter holiday in Finland. Four of the most famous and the most developed among the northern ski resorts are Levi, Ylläs, Pyhä-Luosto and Saariselkä. These ski resorts offer the great variety of slopes, the longest ski slopes and interesting winter activity programs, as well as Christmas celebration.

Lapland ski destinations offer a wide range of ski slopes for winter holidays lovers, from simple and safe hills for children and beginners to black slopes, as well as off-piste for advanced skiers and extreme sports lovers. Snow parks are an essential part of Lapland ski resorts. Ski season begins in Lapland usually in late October, reaching its peak in February-March and lasts until the beginning of May when the snow melts.
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Pyhä ski resort Finland

Lapland ski resort Pyha

Ski resort Pyhä in Lapland attracts tourists, skiers and snowboarders because of its calm and unhurried atmosphere. Pyha fell is known and appreciated for its picturesque wild slopes, backcountry possibilities that keeps local ski experts coming back year after year.

Ski resort Pyhä is located in Finnish Lapland, near the Arctic Circle and Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi. This ski center is easily accessible by car, by train to the Kemijärvi station, or by plane to Rovaniemi. From Kemijärvi and Rovaniemi there is a shuttle bus to the resort.

The maximum height of the Pyhä slope - 280 m. The longest slope - 1800 m. The resort has 9 lifts, 14 ski slopes, illuminated slopes - 12. Snowboard Park. Among the ski slopes in the resort there are wide, long and gentle slopes for a family-run, and slope with FIS international qualification. The resort offers also a free children's ski area.

Pyhä favourably differs from other ski centres in Finland. Here come the most demanding skiers since the 1960s. Today this ski resort in Lapland even better than ever, since in recent years the resort is actively developing its infrastructure and slopes. Pyhä offers to visitors some of the best conditions for off-piste skiing in Finland and the most difficult ski slopes. New high-speed 6-seater chairlift with a protective shield PyhäExpress lifts skiers to the top of the hill just in 4 minutes.

Pyhä ski resort address: Kultakeronkatu 21, 98530 Pyhätunturi

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Pyhä ski resort

Levi ski resort Finland

Lapland ski resort Levi

Ski-resort Levi – famous ski resort in Lapland, the largest ski center in Finland with the Alpine village style. Levi ski resort - one of the best resorts in Finland, the most active resort, the most cheerful winter recreation centers, with unusual style for Finland. Many ski resorts want to keep their village-like appearance, while Levi is by far the liveliest of Finnish ski resorts, like a micro Alpine city filled with restaurants, shops, bars and pubs, a bowling alley and a spa. Levi has a variety of opportunities for winter recreation and unforgettable Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Main attractions of Levi - two snow park, a variety of slopes and trails for skiing and snowboarding, as well as adventure organizers. Levi resort is just a short drive from Kittilä Airport, making it accessible from anywhere in the world.

On the territory of Levi Ski Centre there are located 43 slopes, 27 lifts, many slopes are wide and safe, suitable for family skiing, steep slopes for experienced skiers, snow park. The total length of cross-country ski tracks is 230 km, 28 km of illuminated trails. In winter, the resort offers snowmobile safaris, reindeer and dog sledding, snowshoeing, ice fishing, spa, and much more. Rovaniemi and Santa village are just in 170 km away and it is an excellent opportunity to spend one day of your holiday in real magic.

Levi ski resort address: Hissitie 8, 99130 Levi

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Levi ski resort

Ylläs ski resort Finland

Lapland ski resort Yllas

Lapland ski resort Ylläs is the largest ski center in Finland. It started ski holiday activity in 1957. Yllas has the largest number of ski slopes, the highest hills and maximum length of ski trails in Finland. Ylläs is considered to be the center of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). Only here all street illumination is switched off during the Northern Lights, so that tourists can better enjoy the natural view. Fantastic panorama from the top of Ylläs surrounded by six snowy Lapland hills will never lose its appeal.

Yllas Ski center consists of two ski resorts and hills: Sport Resort Yllas and Yllas-Ski, connected with one slopes network. The resort Yllas has 330 km of cross-country ski tracks, 38 km of them illuminated; 63 ski slopes; 27 ski lifts; half-pipe and street for snowboarders; the longest slope in Yllas - 3 km; maximum hight - 463 m.

Only here you can take a trip at the unique ski lift sauna cabin to to top of the hill. Yllas has international qualification slope «Super G», the only one in Finland.

Ylläs ski center address: Tunturintie 54, 95970 Äkäslompolo

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saariselka ski finland

Saariselkä ski resort

Saariselkä ski resort in Lapland - the northernmost resort in Finland, with guaranteed snow in the beginning of the winter and it is here the first skiers from all over Finland come to open winter holidays season. Saariselkä is easily accessible from the Ivalo airport.

Saariselka is located between two hills, both hills have slopes for skiing and snowboarding. Saariselka ski resort is located 260 km north from the Arctic Circle. The highest hill here - 180 m, the longest slope - 1300 m. 6 lifts. 11 ski slopes (illuminated - 5). Snowboard Park: halfpipe. Free ski-bass. Tropical spa in Saariselkä at Spa Hotel attracts not only skiers, but also relaxation lovers.

The ski center has an excellent opportunity to see the Northern Lights, to meet with reindeer next to the cottage or along the ski track, you can order a snowmobile, reindeer or husky safaris, spend a night at exotic glass ot snow igloo - 10 km from the center of Saariselkä there is an igloo village.

Saariselka ski center address: Kullanhuuhtojantie, 99830 Saariselkä

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Saariselka Lapland

Saariselka ski center

Winter holidays in Lapland

An important feature of all ski resorts in Finland, especially in Finnish Lapland, is a high quality of ski slopes and lifts, winter holidays infrastructure and services, as well as guaranteed snow in winter. Entertainment, amazing outdoor activities and attractions, some of them can not be found in any other country of the world: husky and reindeer salaries, shaman fabulous performances, Santa Claus Village and Santa Park, SPAs and a Finnish sauna, ice fishing, snow shoeing, smoke sauna with an ice-hole in a lake, a chance to see the northern lights, snowmobile safaris and ice carting - a mandatory attribute of all Finnish ski resorts.

As a tradition, local families with children go to ski resorts in Lapland during the winter holidays in February and March. Every northern winter resort in Finland is ideal place for families with children. While teens having a fun in the snow parks and conquering challenging black slopes, kids are making their first steps with skies at children's free slopes, their parents ride for pleasure, admiring the northern winter snow-covered landscape.

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Finnish Lapland is a surprise to many, even those who was frequently visited southern and central Finland. Natural contrasts are especially noticeable in Lapland. In December and Christmas time ski season is very active, but at this time Polar night begins here, and lasts about 2 months. Do not worry, it's not as scary as it sounds. Lack of sunlight is compensated by bright streets illuminations, and polar night does not prevent tourists to enjoy a winter holiday in Lapland.

Starting from February until the end of the ski season sunlight fills the northern expanses of Lapland, painting scenic hills in different colors, sparkling in the reflection of the white snow, turning the northern ski centres in the winter paradise for ski holidays. High tourist season lasts in Lapland from mid-February to mid-April, a lot of travellers visit Northern Finland, at this time ski resorts have different events and competitions.

Winter holidays Lapland

Active outdoor activities in the fresh frosty air necessarily awaken your appetite. Try Finnish skiers favorite lunch dish - fried sausages on open fire with hot drinks from a thermos. If at the foot of the ski slopes or along the cross country ski track you will notice a specially equipped hut or shelter for a fire with firewood, travelers sitting around the campfire, feel free to join them. Campfire sites are in common use for all tourists and usually you can always find dry wood there, sticks for the grill and maybe even some barbecue facilities, including kettle for campfire. You only need to bring matches, sandwiches and sausages, as well as a thermos of tea or coffee.

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Log cabins and cottages in Lapland

In order to make winter holidays unforgettable, book traditional log cabin with a fireplace and sauna in the ski resort. After outdoor activities, you can relax in the sauna, ran outside from hot steam room and enjoy the fluffy snow, and then relax on the couch by the fireplace, watching the fabulous scenery outside the window.

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